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Go4Mobility has arrived in Bahrain!

Go4Mobility has arrived in Bahrain!

Go4Mobilty is glad to announce a new market: Bahrain. This launch comes because of our strongest presence in the MENA region, which is one of the most innovative regions with excellent results in payments area through very high DCB conversion rates.

Bahrain, an innovative market

The landscape of digital payments across the Middle East region is changing fast and feeding market growth due to the digital transformation.

Bahrain is an example of this growth, with great potential in the Direct Carrier Billing area. With 1.49 million population, 2.36 million subscribers and a Mobile penetration rate of 158%, this is a market with great potential!

As the world economy develops, digital payment methods are expected to be even more important and fundamental to the population. COVID-19 has further reinforced this trend, as cash or cards are considered as a potential carrier of the virus. Governments and regulators are taking steps to ensure that most of the population uses digital payments in the medium term. This further intensifies the growth of our industry.

Our competitive advantage

  • PIN Flow on all operators (STC & Batelco)
  • Unique API 
  • Fully customisable payment pages
  • Fast approval process

Bet on Carrier billing in this potential market

Through our API and integration with some of the main operators we offer the Direct Carrier Billing solution to a market with millions of users, which means millions of opportunities.

We highlight that Carrier Billing is currently one of the most requested payment methods by companies wishing to monetize their digital content and its conversion rates are much higher when compared to other payment technology.

Join Go4Mobility and monetize your content in Bahrain!

At Go4Mobility, we have the best commercial and technical teams to help you to monetize your digital content. With more than 15 years’ experience in the mobile entertainment industry, we provide a service that enables brands, companies, and content providers to connect between operators around the world in order to generate revenue through mobile payments.

Book a meeting with our experts

Book now an appointment with our experts: marketing@go4mobility.com

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