Go4Mobility has arrived to Italy!

We opened doors to a new market!
Italy has about 61 million inhabitants, 96,5 million mobile subscribers and a penetration rate of 146%.

In this market, mobile phone users are big consumers of digital content and services, from streaming music, gaming (in-game purchases), among others.

See below the main market data:

Telecommunications Operators – Market Share:

  • TIM – 33%
  • Vodafone – 32%
  • Wind – 20%
  • H3G – 12%

Value Added Services – Market Share:

  • Wind – 41%
  • Vodafone – 28%
  • TIM – 21%
  • H3G – 9%

Advantages of Go4Mobility Integration – Italy

We can now help make your content available in Italy! Through a robust API, connection to all telecom operators, the ability to customize payment pages with background, logo/image, and CTA (call to action) button and split billing option we are the right partner to monetize your content in this new market and many others. What are you waiting for? Talk to us.

Mobile pay

Mobile Pay is our DCB (Direct Carrier Billing) solution that is now available in Italy. This is an online payment method that allows you to charge directly from the mobile phone balance. It is a mobile payment solution adapted to the new consumption habits. Simple and easy to use, this payment method ensures a better shopping experience and simplifies customers life.

No registration, intermediate steps or password required, users can click and buy in a matter of seconds. With many years of experience in Direct Carrier Billing, Go4Mobility develops solutions to simplify mobile payments and help monetize digital content and services.

If you are already a customer, integration becomes even simpler through our unique API!

Go4Mobility competitive advantage

  • Links to all telecom operators
  • Unique API for all countries
  • Possibility of customization of payment page
  • Split billing payment options
  • 24×7 customer service
  • Specialized technical support
  • Real time reporting

Interested in this new market? Contact us!

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