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Direct Carrier Billing

Create seamless payment experiences

Direct Carrier Billing: A mobile payment solution that makes life easier for your customers

Did you know...

There are 5 times more mobile phones than credit cards in the world?

Easily integrate our Carrier Billing solution and start monetizing your digital services

Advantages of this Carrier Billing solution

For content providers:

Flexible charging frequency and price

Possibility of charging varying prices at a variable frequency

Better conversion rate

10x higher conversion rates than when using a credit card

Simple and fast checkout

Users make purchases in mere seconds

Access to new users

Access to unbanked users, that don’t have or use credit/debit card

For users:

Best user experience

No need to sign up or fill out any forms

Secure payment method

Doesn’t require to share sensitive information

Guaranteed protection

With the implementation of charging limits

User pays anywhere anytime

No restrictions on times or places

Mobile Phone
How it works
Step 1

Users choose the content

Step 2

Payment page

Go4Mobility’s competitive advantage

Do you want to find out more about our Direct Carrier Billing solution?

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