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Promo SMS

Build a direct relationship with your customers

Promo SMS, the best tool for your SMS campaigns

Mega Promo & Quiz
SMS Contests that allow you to interact with your customers
Mobile Phone
Mega promo is an SMS contest that attempts to attract customers to participate in an interactive game

Business Benefits

Increase revenue – Increase ARPU

Engage your customers in a game and deliver attractive prizes, encouraging participation and generating more revenue.

Source new customers and retain current ones

With this kind of interactive campaign, customers create a strong connection with the brand.

Promote new products and services

Our marketing campaigns are the perfect opportunity to promote a new service or product.

Increased revenue and frequency of charges

This type of contest encourages the customer to charge their mobile phone or increase how much they pay for their phone bill, generating more revenue for mobile operators.

Increase brand recognition

Get potential customers to recognise your brand and associate it with a positive experience.

Learn more about your customers

With these campaigns you can gather more information about your customers to use in future marketing campaigns.

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