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Challenges and opportunities in SMS Messaging: How Go4Mobility leads the industry

In our hyper-connected world, effective communication is the lifeblood of businesses. The SMS channel continues to stand out as a reliable way to reach audiences instantly and impactfully, but it’s not immune to increasing challenges that cannot be overlooked. In this article, we explore the main ones facing SMS Messaging within the Wholesale landscape, where companies operate as enablers for platforms to deliver their solutions, and how Go4Mobility is at the forefront of addressing them with its extensive experience and expertise.

But let’s start by emphasizing why SMS Messaging persists to thrive and presents significant opportunities for SMS aggregators, CPaaS providers and MNOs/MVNOs worldwide, despite new platforms such as WhatsApp and RCS. Numbers don’t lie. Did you know that the size of the global A2P messaging market is predicted to grow from USD 68.3 billion in 2023 to USD 78.2 billion by 2028? This substantial expansion is fueled by several key factors, such as the increasing number of mobile devices, the rising smartphone connections, the explosion of the platform economy with consumers embracing online shopping and transitioning to digital, and the escalating need for secure, real-time communication. Whether to promptly send transactional notifications, appointment reminders, promotional offers, or authentication codes, A2P messaging still is and is poised to remain highly relevant.

Our take on the top challenges in SMS Messaging today

As the Wholesale industry seeks to deliver robust and high-quality messaging services, it encounters a myriad of challenges and concerns. Here are the main ones we believe demand special attention:

Regulatory Compliance: A2P SMS may involve several jurisdictions, so compliance with local regulations is paramount to avoid legal repercussions. SMS aggregators, CPaaS providers, and MNOs/MVNOs must navigate complex regulatory frameworks governing communications, including data privacy laws, content regulations, and sender identification requirements.

Fraud and Security: Combatting various forms of malicious practices is a constant battle in SMS Messaging. From artificially inflated traffic to smishing and spoofing attacks, safeguarding against fraudulent activities requires vigilant monitoring, strong authentication features, and preventive mitigation strategies.

Market/Industry: The current competitive landscape poses considerable hurdles. Price pressures compel to strike a delicate balance between rates and profitability, expert negotiation skills with all involved parties and careful selection of optimal partners for each geographic region. Furthermore, handling large volumes of traffic while maintaining high throughput, low latency, and reliable delivery requires robust infrastructure and efficient routing mechanisms to maintain consistent quality of service.

How Go4Mobility tackles these challenges head-on

It is important that all industry players remain determined to reinforce the confidence of businesses and consumers alike in the SMS channel. This requires staying abreast of evolving global and local regulatory requirements and market dynamics, providing certified connections, investing in new routes, ensuring high DLR and TPS, establishing close and win-win relationships, and widely adopting fraud detection and security protocols.

At Go4Mobility, we have been implementing proactive measures to guarantee the quality and reliability of our messaging services. In a nutshell, we prioritize robustness and efficiency in traffic dispatching, ensuring that only legitimate one passes through our gateways. On the other hand, our in-house developed tools enable us to identify and prevent spam, phishing, and fraudulent activities, safeguarding our customers’ communications. Finally, through strategic partnerships with trusted entities, we uphold the highest standards of integrity and security in SMS delivery.

Empowering smooth SMS communication

With over 20 years of experience, a proven track record of delivering 300+ million SMS annually and a 360º go-to source for high-quality SMS Messaging services, Go4Mobility serves as a Single Point of Integration, facilitating maximum coverage and accelerating the local presence of global companies and digital platforms.

Dedicated account management, personalized support and advanced technology make Go4Mobility the partner of choice to create and leverage compelling communication experiences worldwide. Let’s go further together!

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