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Benefits of Premium SMS

Benefits of Premium SMS

Premium SMS, what is it?

Premium SMS, or SMS Pay, is a 3-7 digit number used for messages that charge a certain price to the end-user, per SMS received. The user pays a higher price per message than for a “normal” message.

Premium SMS is widely used to monetize content, allowing customers to pay for digital content or services, with a simple SMS. This mobile payment method is one of the most popular in the world (for micropayments), taking into account that all of you have to do is receive and send a text message – SMS – a feature supported by all mobile phones.

Receive a Premium SMS

MT (Mobile Terminated) is the type of SMS that is sent from an application to a smartphone. The user subscribes to receive an SMS periodically to pay for certain digital content or service.

Sending a Premium SMS

Consumers are charged only once, by sending an SMS to a premium rating short code. This process is known as MO Billing.

MO (Mobile Originated) is the first step in the Premium SMS service where users can participate in something, either for a contest or to get some benefit by sending a message with a specific keyword to a dedicated short code or virtual number.

Premium SMS Around the World and Success Stories

Premium SMS is used all over the world. The most frequent use is for donations or voting. For example: in case of a natural disaster, people can quickly send an SMS to a short code and donate funds to help people in need.

Another success case is related to voting in reality shows, where programs like Big Brother or music contests usually have competition and voting by the public. So, through Premium SMS, people can vote and contribute to the success of their favorite competitors around the world.

Why use Premium SMS?

Fast and easy payment system with a single SMS

Protected user identity and billing is 100% secure

Ideal for micropayments

No technical efforts are required – the purchasing process is automatic

Real-time reporting

24/7 Customer Service

Book a meeting with our experts

Book now an appointment with our experts: marketing@go4mobility.com

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