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Premium SMS

The ideal solution for monetizing services and digital content

Premium SMS: Mobile Payment solution for micropayments

Our Premium SMS solution allows users to pay for digital content or services through a message sent from their mobile phone

This is the ideal solution for monetizing services and digital content. Users are only charged the cost of sending or receiving a premium message. This mobile payment method is one of the most commonly used methods for making micropayments.

Sending a Premium SMS

Users are only charged once when they send an SMS to a short code. This process is known as MO billing or mobile originator billing.

Receiving a Premium SMS

Users subscribe to receive an SMS periodically to pay for a particular content or digital service. This process is known as MT or mobile terminating billing and is usually used for subscriptions, where the user is charged until they cancel their subscription.

Advantages of this SMS Pay

Fast purchasing process

Users can purchase quickly and easily

Protected user identity

No accounts or passwords - purchases are anonymous

No cards or banks

No funds are moved or credit cards required

Ideal for micropayments

Ideal payment method for large volumes of micropayments

Can be used for subscriptions or single-payments

Purchases can be one-off or continuous

How it works
Step 1

Users send an SMS with a keyword, such as “CREDITS”, to a short code like 4321.

Step 2

Next, they will receive an SMS confirming the payment, for which they pay the amount stated, which will then be deducted from their balance or phone bill.

Go4Mobility’s competitive advantage

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