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A single gateway for A2P SMS

Application-to-Person (A2P) is a term used to describe the process of sending text messages from a software application to a mobile phone.

Companies can use A2P SMS to communicate with their customers, authenticate users so that they can gain access the website, send alerts and carry out Mobile Marketing campaigns, among other options.

Bulk & OTP SMS

We provide the best routes to several international destinations with high delivery standards (DLR) and detailed information including supported Sender IDs.
With an SMS Gateway that has high levels of throughput and is effective, safe and provides direct links to several operators and local partners, we guarantee that all Bulk SMS and OTP are sent through certified routes that have the best quality.
Our solution is ideal for

How our solution works

Browser Tool
Go4Mobility SMS Gateway
Direct connection to operators
Your recipients

SMS messages are sent from the customer’s application via our SkySMS Gateway.


SMS are sent from the customer’s application via SMPP(S) or HTTP(S) to our Gateway (SkySMS).


Finally, mobile operators send the SMS to its destination.

SMS Gateway Features


OTP: One-Time Password

Authentication system that can be applied whenever a login or secure access is necessary using a single password.
It can be used by

Go4Mobility’s competitive advantage

Direct connections

Direct connections or 1 hop, delivered by local partners who are connected directly, ensuring the best quality in delivery

API integration

Our API allows you to easily obtain reports and other requests

Technical support

We have the best professionals to help you with any questions

Accredited routes

We guarantee the best quality transfer of Bulk SMS and OTP, via accredited routes

GDPR CompliAnt

We comply with EU-GDPR legislation

Real-time reports

Track the status of all SMS sent in real-time

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Messages sent last year
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Connections to operators
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