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Go4Mobility’s Premium SMS integration fuels Creative Clicks successful business expansion in Europe

About Creative Clicks

Creative Clicks is a leading marketing and advertisement company, specialized in user acquisition and revenue optimization with 360 solutions, enabling some of the largest brands in the world to connect with high intent global consumers.

Bringing expertise by harnessing data, they find, engage, and acquire users in an efficient way by using experience and machine learning technology to optimize performance.

The Challenge

Creative Clicks was looking to expand its footprint in the European market.

Immediately recognizing the potential and high penetration of mobile devices in Portugal, they saw this as an opportunity to grow and consolidate a strong presence in this market.

This case study covers the successful launch of Creative Click’s services in Portugal, as they partnered with Go4Mobility to offer Premium SMS as a payment option to their customers.

The Solution

Working closely with Go4Mobility’s technical and sales teams, enabled a smooth integration via API to its payment gateway, as well as the adherence to local operator and market compliance rules.

This process ensured that Creative Clicks subscription-based products were implemented seamlessly with the mobile operator’s billing system.

In addition, Go4Mobility has:

  • Provided valuable insights into user value, which (undoubtedly) helped Creative Clicks understand the preferences, needs and behavior of the Portuguese audience.
  • Supported Creative Clicks with comprehensive marketing practices, helping to develop effective campaigns to attract, acquire and retain customers.
  • Identified the best target groups, optimized campaigns, and expanded their reach to the maximum.


Since this partnership was established, Creative Clicks has achieved significant results, transforming Portugal into one of its top performing markets.

Their revenue has increased significantly even almost doubling in the last 2 years.

A 20% increase in user value, demonstrates that Go4mobility’s expert knowledge of the market has enabled them to attract and acquire higher-value customers.  

Currently, Creative Clicks has 4 different products in the Portuguese market, further expanding its offer.

Its verticals include e-Learning, Entertainment, and eSports, taking the mobile payments experience in Portugal to a new level.

This outcome demonstrates a huge positive impact of the partnership and highlights the success of the joint business efforts.
Both Go4Mobility and Creative Clicks look forward to continuing to expand its collaboration and reaching new milestones.

“We chose Go4Mobility because in them we saw a match with our needs in marketing and a strong relationship with the Mobile Operators in Portugal. They also offer various payment methods and engage in different types of marketing with mobile carriers, making them a truly valuable partner.
We believed their knowledge could help us with all aspects of marketing and reaching our target audience.”

Jasper Beelen, Head of Product Mobile at Creative Clicks

“In the dynamic world of mobile marketing, our work with Creative Clicks has developed into a valued and successful partnership.
We’ve witnessed remarkable growth, with Portugal emerging as a key revenue driver, and together, we continue to break new ground and achieving greater milestones by expanding to new geographies, like Spain, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.”

João Pedro Carlos, VAS BU Director at Go4Mobility

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