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Go4Mobility has arrived to Emirates!

Go4Mobility has arrived to Emirates!

If you have content portals, news, games, music, among others, and want to increase the number of users and subscribers, with the help of Go4Mobility, you can put your content/portals in the United Arab Emirates now!

Through API, we have direct links to the operators in the Emirates  (Etisalat e DU) and therefore, with us, now you can provide your content and/or portals to users of this market, who can pay the subscription through your balance or mobile phone bill.

In the Emirates, the mobile sector is growing exponentially, with a population of 9.6 million people, including 19 million mobile phones.

While the penetration rate of Smartphones in the Emirates has a significant weight of 82%, including 80% with Internet access, only 45% of the population has a credit card.

In view of this data we are confronted with the reality that these users are major consumers of digital content, and most of them cannot pay for premium services by credit card. The payment through mobile phone solves this problem due to the facility of this method.

Regarding this data, if you want your content to be on top or even if you are launching your new streaming channel, have you considered implementing this new form of payment? Compared to paying by credit card, Direct Carrier Billing has much more reach and a higher conversion rate.

The procedure is simple, that is, users can make the purchase in a matter of seconds and beyond these advantages, purchases are made safely, so that your users do not need to provide personal information. Due to our partnership with Evina, one of the best companies in the fight against fraud, we are able to block 99% of fraudulent situations that may arise.

We provide a single API for all countries where we operate

If you are already integrated with us in another market, you do not need to do a new technical integration to launch in another country. This way, by integrating with us in the Emirates, you can launch your digital content in all markets where we are!

We highlight the main key factors of our API:

  • We allow connection to Emirates mobile operators
  • PIN Flow on all operators – this flow effectively reduces the number of fraudulent subscriptions
  • Phased Payment Option – Partial Billing and Smart Billing. Weekly subscription can be charged in several transactions in order to increase the success of the charge
  • The approval process is fast and fluid
  • Most content does not need to be in Arabic

See below the main market data:

Telecom operators in the Emirates (Market share):

  • Etisalat – 52%
  • DU – 48%

At Go4Mobility, we have the best commercial and technical teams to help you monetize your digital content. What are you waiting for to integrate with us and make the content available to these users with high conversion rates?

Through our solution of Direct Carrier BillingMobile Pay, you can use the digital payments through the balance or mobile phone bill, benefiting from our special and competitive conditions in the Emirates market! Contact Us!

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