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Find out more detailed information about our solutions with Short and Long Numbers for 2-Way Messaging

Short Numbers

Short numbers allow the company to bear the cost of the customers’ response.
Short numbers usually have between 4 and 7 digits and are used to send and receive text messages. As these are country-specific, they can only be used for national numbering.

Shared Short Numbers

A shared short code means that the number is used by several users. In a shared short code you can set a single keyword, but the number will be shared with other companies.

Dedicated Short Numbers

A dedicated short code is only used by one company. Having a short number for your business has the following advantages:

Freedom in choosing keywords

Possibility to choose the keywords you want for your SMS Marketing campaigns


Create campaigns such as text-to-win, citizen eParticipation and more

Brand recognition

Having a short code that is specific to your company increases brand awareness


In some industries, such as financial or governmental, having a dedicated short code allows you to have full control of what is sent, in addition to offering you security and privacy

Long Numbers

A long phone number can have up to 16 digits, but usually has the same number of digits as a national mobile phone number.
Also known as virtual mobile numbers, these numbers allow you to receive replies from both local and international numbers. Ideal for SMS Marketing campaigns where you want to start a dialogue with your customers, where having an easily memorable number is not relevant.
Also used for API integrations, long numbers simplify business processes and improve the performance of marketing campaigns.

Long Numbers – Dual Sale

Use our integrated SMS and Voice solution to enhance your communications.


Mobile Phone
Did you know...

97% of SMSs are read in the first 3 minutes following delivery?

Go4Mobility’s competitive advantage

Reliability, Trust and Quality

We invest in quality in order to meet our customers' needs in a transparent and reliable way

Turnkey Solution

Available in Portugal and Spain, with connections to all national mobile operators

Multiple sending options

Schedule messages according to the time zone, black & white lists and several encoding options


Access all information about what was sent, the status, replies and other information

Real-time reports

Our API and the support of our team makes it easy to integrate our solutions

Do you want to find out more about our Short and Long Number solutions?

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