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Detect malicious applications in times of crisis

Can you detect malicious applications in times of crisis?

See the 6 Tips to Avoid Being Targeted for Fraud

Lock-Go4MobilityGo4Mobility has prepared a list of advice to help users for this threat, since in a context of crisis, such as the one currently experienced with COVID-19, cyber-attacks campaigns proliferate.

As a result, to avoid fraudulent situations, we have provided some advice and tips that can help you avoid fraudulent situations:

  1. lock First of all, check the number of times the App has been downloaded

An App that has been recently released by a “small” programmer should not normally have a large number of downloads. If this is the case, this is a behavior that may indicate fake downloads. The higher the number of downloads, there is consequently an increase in their reliability as well.

  1. lock Confirm users’ scores and comments

Comments and reviews from users are very important. Be aware of the number of ratings assigned to App. The higher the number, the safer the application will be. Be careful with applications with low ratings, and if the download rate for rating doesn’t make sense, maybe its better if you think twice before downloading the application.

Consequently, view and filter the comments. Fraudulent Apps may have fake comments, usually repeated, and only one word or line to assign the highest rating.

  1. lock Read the App description and presentation

Inside the page of each App, we can know more. We can read or watch summary videos or its presentation. Therefore, value well written texts, without grammatical errors and with complete descriptions.

  1. lock Search about the App programmer

Also, research on the application programmer can reveal a lot about the content of the App. As a result, search Google, check if there is an official site, and if it has SSL security certification, which demonstrates that Google trusts the site.

  1. lock Read the Application Privacy Policy

Because of the App gathers personal or confidential data of the user, it must mention this fact in the privacy policy, usually available for consultation at the bottom of all application listings. Therefore, Apps that request dangerous permissions and do not have privacy policy, almost the times are a big red flag.

  1. lock Finally, always install Apps through official manufacturers

So, do not access links that are available online to download applications. When browsing outside the Play Store (Google) or App Store (Apple) you may download suspicious software. In addition, official stores evaluate all applications before making them available because they verify their authenticity.

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