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DCB – The Payments Growth: The increase in online consumption and mobile payments

DCB – The Payments Growth

The increase in online consumption and mobile payments

Teleworking, social isolation and quarantine situations, motivated by COVID-19, have led in recent weeks to a substantial growth in the total number of Internet accesses and the consumption of digital content and services. The emergence of a new wave of digital buyers is highly likely to prove lasting in a post-pandemic world, forcing digital content and businesses to adapt to this new digital reality.

Payment for digital content via mobile phone using Direct Carrier BillingMobile Pay as a payment method, has gained even greater importance for the consumer, providing an easier and safer shopping experience in areas such as streaming, news, games, music, radio, mobile applications, among many others.

Due to the increase in game consumption, demand for mostly streaming content and the increased penetration of smartphones, it is estimated that the number of DCB users as a means of payment will double worldwide in the next 5 years.

What is the use of Direct Carrier Billing?

Digital content providers are increasingly looking for reference companies in the area and that in their offer have APIs prepared to implement this means of payment via mobile phone (balance or invoice), as is the case of Go4Mobility.

By providing this payment method, for example, the users can buy music streaming subscriptions by confirming payment on their mobile phone, vote for TV competitions (E.g.: Reality Shows), or access premium content.

This method of payment is different from all the others as it does not depend on bank cards or something “physical”. While other payment methods are convenient for point-of-sale purchases, paying via your mobile phone balance provides the best shopping experience in online environments. In addition, it is one of the most effective means and has high conversion rates.

DCB in Europe

In Europe, the Nordics lead the way. With smartphone penetration approaching 90%, payment via mobile phone balance in these countries has a market share of 10-21% for digital content payments. In Norway, for example, DCB is the second most popular payment method for digital games, while in Finland it has a market share of 16.2%.

In a survey conducted by Mobilesquared when interviewing 124 DCB and VAS (Value Added Service) providers around the world, it found that DCB is now a real force to be taken into account in payment methods.

Why is payment via mobile phone bill so popular?

  • There are 5 times more mobile phones than credit cards
  • Simple “checkout” means up to 10 times better conversion rates
  • Payment is secure: no personal data is transmitted
  • Flexible charging frequency and price – possibility of charging varying prices at a variable frequency

The security of DCB payments

With Go4Mobility, making payments through DCB is safe. No personal data is transmitted during the payment process, so your client (user) do not have to worry about identity theft. In addition, we also have a platform that can detect about 99% of fraud situations.

Do you want to monetize your Digital Content through DCB?

Start with Go4Mobility, the monetization of all your content is simple, fast, secure and you will have very high conversion rates.

Book now an appointment with our experts: marketing@go4mobility.com

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