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New Routes to the United Kingdom!

New Routes to the United Kingdom!

Always with high levels of performance and quality, now we have new Bulk SMS connections available for the UK market.

United Kingdom – Go4Mobility Bulk SMS Routes

By choosing Go4Mobility as your Bulk SMS Gateway provider, you are joining thousands of well recognized international businesses who use our powerful platform.

You will be able to send thousands of Bulk SMS or OTP SMS to and from the UK, through our powerful API, at very competitive prices.

We provide secure and efficient new connections with 1 Hop connection (via local reference partner), which guarantee:

  • Dynamic Senders
  • High throughput levels
  • Delivery Reports – DLR
  • Local and international traffic

As a leader in Bulk SMS Business, Go4Mobility in this market also provides 2 Way Messaging solutions through long numbers which will allow you to communicate, interact and operate with all the consumers in the UK.

SMS consumption in the UK – Overview

In the UK, the mobile sector has a huge potential and grows exponentially year after year. With a population of 66 million people, there are 79 million mobile phones.

The penetration rate of Smartphones has a significant value of 77%.

According to Statista, the usage of SMS as a means of communication in the UK is around 100 billion messages sent per year. In the recent years, even with the emergence of other communication applications, SMS has remained the main means of communication and has become more important in the market, whether for marketing communications or for communications associated with security.

Wholesale Bulk SMS

We are the ideal partner for Wholesale Bulk SMS services. With connections from over 381 operators and over 170 countries, our API ensures that you can send thousands of SMS in seconds and with high delivery rates, all over the world.

Why you should use the Bulk SMS Gateway of Go4Mobility:


  • Global Coverage
  • Direct Routes & 1 Hop
  • 2 Way Messaging Connections
  • DLR Delivery Support
  • Competitive Prices
  • Intelligent Routing
  • API Integrations and Real-time Reporting
  • Single Interface and Leading Platform
  • Guarantee of Security and High Performance
  • Technical Support with the Best Professionals

We want to connect you to the world. What are you waiting for to use the new connections to the UK?

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