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The Importance of 2FA in Companies

What is 2FA (2 Factor Authentication)?

Two-factor Authentication (2FA) is a process used to increase digital security, whether in access to websites, client areas, platforms, online banking, banking transactions, among others.

The use of this authentication is extremely important to combat situations of computer attacks and increase security in access to information. The main objective is to increase security and to avoid, for example, unauthorized access to users’ accounts.

Did you know that 61% of people reuse passwords in applications/accounts, and 81% of data violations are related to ineffective or repeated passwords?

This type of two-factor authentication, as the name itself indicates, requires two forms of authentication, i.e. two forms of validation for the user to access an online account. These two factors usually include a password (previously defined by the user) and another temporary code sent to the user, which is automatically generated to reinforce security.

With more than one step of validation during the authentication process, security is increased since there is a guarantee that the user will be allowed access.

Digital security is extremely important, both for companies and for their customers/users. Therefore, security strategies must be robust and composed of several solutions in order to increase their effectiveness.

Impact of 2FA on Business Security

Security for the user and for businesses is extremely important. Therefore, the adoption of 2FA is crucial for both parties. 

The process works as the following: after logging into a website or private account, the second step of verification is performed in order to confirm the user’s identity. In general, as we indicated above, it is a temporary code that is sent to the user to proceed with access.

Therefore, companies have used two-factor authentication to protect their websites from unwanted access. Even if someone can get access to a certain account, that will not be enough for them to be able to access it, since the temporary code is sent to a device that only the user can access.

Go4Mobility’s Contribution to the Effectiveness of 2FA

At Go4Mobility, we have been able to provide a unique and robust API to increase user security through two-factor authentication in your company. The user when entering an application, website, or when is making a bank transaction, after entering the access credentials (first authentication), receives a unique code on your phone sent by SMS – One Time Password. Through this OTP sending process, the user must enter the token/password to move forward in the verification and validate the access.

This service provides the strongest validation that companies seek, and those who do not use it as part of their digital and mobile strategy are increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

The Benefits of Two-Factor Authentication for your Business

  • Enhanced security: by requiring a second form of identification, SMS-2FA decreases the possibility of a hacker steal a user and gaining access to computers, accounts, or other confidential resources. Even if a hacker gains access to a password, he will not have the second element needed to authenticate.
  • Increase productivity and flexibility: Through this service, employees can securely access corporate applications, data, documents and Backoffice systems from any device or location – without putting the corporate network and confidential information at risk.
  • Fraud prevention: Fraud in all its forms has a direct impact on financial results. Even worse, it can result in a loss of trust, credibility, and brand value, and destroy customer relationships. Two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of mobile protection that protects the website, application, bank transactions, and the customer. In addition, by creating a secure brand experience, companies increase their opportunity to create ongoing interactions with customers.

Through two-factor authentication – 2FA – you can put your security on another level! Protect your company and your customers!

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