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Monetize your digital services with a fast and online payment method: Direct Carrier Billing

Monetize your digital services with a fast and online payment method: Direct Carrier Billing

Did you know that Direct Carrier Billing is one of the most popular payment methods for digital services?

DCB: a growing market for digital services

It is estimated that the global population reached 7.8 billion in July this year. However, there are 8 billion SIM cards worldwide, compared to 2.8 billion credit cards used by the population. Do you need more reasons to integrate Direct Carrier Billing into your website or app?

DCB and its advantages

Monetize your content, transform your business online!

Carrier Billing or DCB allows a fast, easy and secure online payment flow, ensuring a good purchasing experience for the user.

Carrier Billing gains increasing prominence and importance by offering opportunities to both Merchants and Telecom Operators to boost their sales and increase the number of transactions, reaching approximately 8 billion potential users worldwide.

This is a mobile payment service that allows users to buy digital content and charge it on their monthly mobile phone bill.

Go4Mobility – Coverage in three continents

At Go4Mobility, with 15 years of experience in the area of mobile payments, we have a very high level of know-how in this area and our technical and commercial teams can help you to define the best strategy for your digital business and monetize your digital services to a higher level.

With presence in three continents, over the years we have connections to operators in 9 countries.

Our focus is to ensure the best results for your business.

Go4Mobility Advantages

  • High know-how in the markets
  • Direct connections with operators
  • Good traffic, guaranteed by the best anti-fraud tools
  • Single API for all countries
  • Flexible and transparent payments
  • Expert technical support
  • Quick approvals

The benefits

Carrier Billing with your high conversion rates, is quickly changing credit cards and other payment options. Check the benefits for your company and your users:

For Merchants:

  • A payment method that fits the user’s needs
  • Fast Transactions
  • High levels of conversion due to the simplicity of payment
  • Simple integration
  • Global reach

For users:

  • Fast payment and user-friendly
  • Secure payment, without the need to enter any information
  • Technological payment

What are you waiting to integrate with us and make your digital services available to these users, with high conversion rates?

Make your contact request or make an appointment now: marketing@go4mobility.com

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