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Messaging and Voice – Solutions to develop an effective Marketing and Communications Strategy

Aware that only one communication channel is not enough to reach, attract and build a relationship with customers, businesses are looking at multiple channels to reach their goals. Most of us are familiar with receiving an SMS with an authorization code to validate a bank transaction, or with the latest promotion from one of our favourite brands, or even the launch of a new service. The Messaging and Digital Services market is today a key enabler for many companies to grow their business. This has been a growing trend since, a little over 25 years ago, British engineer Neil Papworth sent the first SMS from a computer to a mobile phone. Nowadays, thanks to the rise of smartphones, this tool has become a convenient way to monetize applications and a powerful solution to tap into a slice of the “app economy” estimated at over $25 billion.

The latest trends in Digital Marketing and the growing use of mobile devices by consumers have contributed to the mobile channel reaching a level of maturity that no company/brand can ignore. Considering it is one of the safest and most effective channels, messages have proven to be a fundamental tool for the effectiveness of communication campaigns, and is estimated, for instance, that 97% of SMS are read in the first 3 minutes after delivery. This number demonstrates the potential associated with this communication channel and is part of a business area called Messaging, which includes both SMS and Voice Marketing Services. Using Voice and SMS in combination or separately, strongly contributes to the success of digital marketing campaigns and highlights the cost optimization that these channels provide. Applied to differentiating interactive campaigns that create value for companies, or to IVR solutions, which can be used in automated customer care processes, satisfaction surveys, among others, these solutions allow companies and brands to effectively reach their customers in seconds.

The benefits of integrating these channels in the marketing and communications strategy include :

This goal can only be achieved through high performance, fast and non-blocking platforms. Whether in Mobile Payments or Messaging, platforms must aim for no downtime, otherwise customers will stop transacting and negatively impact business objectives. Companies should provide consumers with a simple, seamless, and error-free digital experience.

At a time when enabled by technology companies can reach any person or audience, it is important to choose the right tools, those that can optimize results and generate more business. Go4Mobility works with some of the biggest – and most technologically advanced – Messaging market players worldwide, responding with quality and capacity to demanding delivery requirements. That said, the question we ask is: are your clients already using all available channels to improve their Marketing and Communications strategy?

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