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Strategic mobile aggregator Go4Mobility secures mobile markets worldwide with Evina’s cybersecurity expertise in mobile payments.

Go4Mobility, a global mobile aggregator that sustains mobile operators and mobile-focused companies in delivering better user experiences, has been working alongside Evina, the leading specialists in cybersecurity for mobile payments, to secure markets worldwide and payment flows offered by direct carrier billing.

As a direct carrier billing provider, Go4Mobility is at the heart of the mobile content market and they are committed to protecting the end user, as well as merchants and mobile operators, by making fraud reduction their number one priority to deliver a seamless experience.

Mobile fraud has serious implications for all parties involved: it generates complaints, damages the reputation of MNOs, leads to a loss of trust in merchants’ services and a loss of money for content consumers. Ultimately, it erodes the element of trust that is crucial to the functioning and growth of any marketplace, and naturally, it is the primary cause of direct revenue loss.

As a responsible player operating in multiple markets worldwide, Go4Mobility’s main challenge was to be able to continue offering attractive content in the most secure manner while faced with a combination of different markets that presented different types of fraud.

Go4Mobility needed a global solution that could adapt to all kinds of markets and know-how to detect the infinite range of fraud techniques. By collaborating with Evina and implementing the DCBprotect anti-fraud solution, Go4Mobility owned the right tool to detect the latest types of fraud in each market and prevent inauthentic purchases.

In addition, Go4Mobility can constantly optimize and design with merchants the content experience that generates the best and safest traffic for each service, amplifying the reach and increasing the business revenue.

“Evina’s anti-fraud solutions have allowed us to prevent and tackle fraud regardless of where our expansion leads, be it Angola or the United Arab Emirates. Evina has given us the reassurance that we are able to deliver content with peace of mind to MNOs and end users. Wherever we open, we know that we have a cutting-edge cybersecurity expert that has our back and that allows us to develop the crucial element of trust that is critical in our relationship with mobile operators and merchants worldwide.” 

Maria Cordeiro, Director of VAS at Go4Mobility 

“Advanced technology is needed to detect the countless types of fraud and the degree of impact they have in each country, which is why we take it to heart to develop cutting-edge technology that partners can easily implement and deploy the world over. Today fraud is perpetrated through malware attacks or hacks that are highly technical and can bypass any regulation, which must be handled by experts like Evina that know mobile payments schemes like the back of their hands.”

David Lotfi, Founder and CEO of Evina

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