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Go4Mobility in the ranking of the biggest companies in technological Portugal

Go4Mobility in the ranking of the biggest companies in technological Portugal

Exame Informática again awarded the companies that stood out the most for the positive impact they have on the country’s economy. For the 6th consecutive year, Go4Mobility, is part of the ranking of the 200 “Biggest in Technological Portugal”, occupying the 105th position.

“What are the largest technology companies in Portugal? Which companies have grown the most in terms of employment, turnover or exports?

Which companies had the best overall performance?” These were some of the evaluation parameters.

Go4Mobility is growing

Go4Mobility has more than 14 years of experience in mobile communications, messaging, digital services and has over the years become a central player in this market.

We provide solutions in a targeted and interactive way with a portfolio of trendy mobile entertainment. As well as innovative and valuable mobile payments and billing solutions.

We are a trusted partner for the Wholesale Bulk SMS Business, we hold an SMS Gateway with high levels of throughput, effective, secure and with direct links to various operators and local partners.

Book a meeting with our experts

Book now an appointment with our experts: marketing@go4mobility.com

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