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Should I use OTP on my website or app?

In an increasingly technological world, computer security has become one of the biggest concerns for online business owners. In order to ensure the protection of a website or an online app, at a focal point such as the authentication process, One-Time Password (OTP) process, also known as 2FA (Two Factor Authentication), was created.

SMS is the most widely used technology for implementing an OTP system. The passwords generated by OTP SMS are unique and become invalid after use. OTP SMS is considered one of the safest authentication processes available on all mobile phones. With an almost total reach of its customers, it has a relatively low implementation cost. In addition, OTP SMS is considered a highly reliable method with an opening rate of nearly 100% when sending the passwords via SMS. This way, it is possible to guarantee that the users receive the code almost instantly, even without being connected to the Internet.

How does the OTP SMS process work?

The traditional process for authenticating a user on the Internet ensures minimal security, since there are passwords that are easily discovered. Using 2FA can prevent unauthorized access, even if the attacker can get through the first authentication step, this additional step blocks the attacker’s access.

One-Time Password is a technological security system through which a one-time password is generated and sent to the registered mobile phone number for the user to access the website or app. 

Currently, 2FA is widely used in online banking, e-commerce websites and platform access. This system can strengthen the access control structure in the most sensitive areas of a website or app (for example, administration access, payment areas or personal data).

Two-factor authentication also enables the execution of remote tasks with much fewer security concerns. This is only possible by sending an A2P SMS (Application-to-Person).

Choose Go4Mobility to authenticate your users whenever a login or a secure access is needed.

Why should I opt for OTP SMS?

Considering all of the above, it is clear that the SMS OTP system has become a logical choice. This system guarantees the security of user data in transactions and authentication processes and the correct validation of the user, preventing fraudulent situations.

Nowadays, the One-Time Password system is quite safe, since the mobile phone PIN code protects the user in case of theft. Since it uses the mobile network and not to the internet, this authentication system makes fraudulent intrusions difficult. If the user loses the device, it is not possible to carry out any transaction. The OTP service and other telecommunication services are protected by strong security protocols. Therefore, this is a safe and fast system with a relatively low implementation cost. 

Since it is a one-time password, it loses its validity once it is used. 2FA is the most commonly used way to authenticate bank transactions, online platforms (games or social networks) or other systems with confidential information. Whether you log in to access the account, to make payments or to transfer money, an automatically generated unique password verifies the user’s identity to move on to the next step. 

Knowing the importance of this system, Go4Mobility provides a direct traffic route for the prioritisation of OTP traffic delivery.

Is OTP an “intelligent” security system?

This security system provides an extra level of security, since it is not vulnerable to being recorded and reproduced to illegally enter a website or app.

The One-Time Password system sends a unique and temporary password to each user and session. Single-use passwords are a lot more digitally secure than passwords created by the user. An SMS generates a token that provides the convenience of an application-based security system, but without the need of additional systems or to download in order to complete the operation.

Choosing to send unique passwords to verify the identity of users significantly improves the security of access to a website or application that might otherwise be vulnerable to phishing or other fraudulent schemes such as identity theft. 

Benefits of One-Time Password

  • Free for the end user
  • Fast and automatic sending process
  • Reliable and safe
  • Client’s data protection
  • Increased security
  • Identity theft prevention
  • Expires if not used
  • Can only be used once

Advantages of integrating with Go4Mobility

  • API integration
  • Direct traffic routes
  • Brand identification on the sender
  • Delivery of detailed reports (DLR)
  • Specialised technical support

Increase the security of your business!

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