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Go4Mobility, your A2P SMS partner in the USA

A2P SMS messaging solutions are essential for today’s businesses. These enable brands to run mobile marketing campaigns, communicate with consumers effectively, authenticate users, provide alerts, and facilitate B2C interactions, among many other uses.

The U.S. is a high-potential market, with a regulatory framework for A2P SMS that differs from the rest of the globe.

Facts about the new U.S. regulations:

  • The U.S. has enacted new restrictions requiring all overseas A2P SMS traffic to the country to be sent using pre-registered sender IDs.

  • Businesses that wish to reach clients in the U.S. must engage with partners that can effectively apply this new compliance framework.

This doesn’t mean you can’t continue reaching out to your U.S. customers. There are some pre-approved solutions that can help you be in full compliance with these new rules:

  • 10DLC
  • Toll-free numbers (TFN)
  • Short Codes

What is a 10DLC number?

A 10DLC number is a local 10-digit phone number that can support massive volumes of text messages for marketing campaigns and can also be used for voice.

The key use cases for a brand that wants to use a 10DLC number, include marketing campaigns, 2-Factor Authentication, sweepstakes, customer support, polls, and even public service. It can also be used for two-way messaging.

Sourcing and setting up of these numbers are quick, allowing your brand to get to market faster.

What about toll-free numbers?

Toll-Free numbers are also an option for your marketing campaigns. On the plus side, they allow customers to reach you with no cost.

Although a verification process is required for set up, TFN can handle large quantities of text messaging, receive voice calls, and are sanctioned by carriers to ensure compliance.

There are specific use cases in which TFN can be used, such as: 2 Factor-Authentication, sweepstakes, customer support, polls, and public service. Marketing campaigns through Toll-free numbers are available on a limited basis. It can also be used for two-way messaging.

We handle sourcing, verification process and set up so you can get to market faster.

And Short Codes?

A short code is a local number with five to eight digits, which makes them easier to remember, that can handle large amounts of SMS text messages. The use of voice is not possible.

Specific to the U.S., with this new regulation, brands can no longer use shared short codes.

Short codes use cases include 2 Factor-Authentication, sweepstakes, customer support, marketing campaigns, polls, and public service, and it can also be used for two-way messaging.

Go4Mobility is the ideal partner for delivering your A2P SMS traffic to the U.S. in a secure and efficient way.

Contact us through https://go4mobility.com/en/contacts for more information about our A2P SMS solutions and its United States prospects.

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