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CC-Webinar.Live: Messaging Market Trends

Bernardo Lobato da Fonseca, Director of the Go4Mobility Wholesale Business Unit, on Messaging Platforms – The Urgent Adaption to the New Messaging Wholesale or Retail

Bernardo Lobato da Fonseca for GCCM Magazine, March/April 2022:

We came from a world where campaigns were just based on SMS and email and as the needs of the marketing managers and the company start to evolve, we needed to engage customers differently and with proper flows, definition of audience segments, and so on.

This created the need for platforms to be able to create audiences and sustain a path between the first point when the customer touches our brand, until the endpoint that can go to a purchasing scenario, so it can then go to a customer care scenario.  

This created the need for platforms to evolve to different channels; SMS, WhatsApp for Business, and any other elements that will help these types of use cases.  

And then, of course, the industry divided itself into “Am I going to provide a CpaaS platform – for developers to build these scenarios for our customers – or am I going to build these multi-channel platforms to offer to the marketing managers to set up their campaigns?”

And I think we are seeing two ways going forward, all platforms that just have an SMS or email are not going to be competitive anymore, and this is what has been happening.

I think SMS does not suffer from the appearance of use cases with WhatsApp; actually it will grow, because SMS would not permit chat. And now you can view confirmations, finalization of scenarios at the end of each of these flows.

We have a lot to grow, and as Ricardo said only 15 to 18% of small-medium businesses are using messaging for marketing purposes. So we still have a lot of educating and growing to do. 

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